For love, family and happiness
  - that´s all,
2022, mixed media, Vandværket i Køge

She told me the flowers wouldn´t bloom forever, 2022, Ceramics, 

Clear Skies, 2022, Mixed media, Bergen Kjøtt

The last flight, 2022, Plaster, Galerie Frappant

We passed the horizon, 2021
Swimwear, Concrete, Iron Oxide, Hornbæk havn

Bust of intimacy, 2020,

Summer crown to my lover, 2019-2020,
Burned ceramics, Cultivated barnacles

Drømmespor, 2020, burned and undburmed clay, Terracotta pigment and salt,
Charlottensporg spring exhibition



Talisman, 2019,


Drop, 2019,
Plaster, Allégaten 15

Window figure, 2018,

  Syst, 2018, Pine wood,
  Bergen Art Academy

Natrejse, 2018,
Mixed media, Projektrum Vera