Erik Hjorth (1995) is a Danish artist based in  Bergen (NO).

CV / Artistic activities

Upcoming Exhibitions  // Activites

2024 // Expedition // Sinai Desert // Egypt

2023 // Solo Exhibition // Nonneseter Kloster // Bergen // Norway

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 //  Public Decoration // Sortland // Norway

2021 // We passed the horizon // Hornbæk Havn // Denmark

2019 // Måneløs // Galleri Fisk // Norway

2019 // Akantus Fever // Bokboden // Norway

2018 // Natrejse // Project room Vera // Denmark

Selected Group  Exhibitions

2023 // Nudge it - Kick it - Prod it - Push it - //  Bergen Kunsthall // Norway

2022 // Kunstens kilde // Køge Kunstforening // Denmark

2022 // MA1 Exhibition // Bergen Kjøtt  // Norway

2022 // All Shall Perish // Bergen Kunsthall // Norway

2022 // Darkness // Frappant Galerie // Germany

2020 // Apnea // Gyldenpris Kunsthall // Norway

2020 // Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition // Denmark

2018 //  The New Districts // Danish Cultural Center Beijing  // China

2018 // Bornholm Spring Exhibition // Svanekegården // Denmark

2017 // Virtual glance // Bergen Kunsthall // Norway

2017 // Descending movements // KMD //Norway

2017 // Degree show // Vera school of Art and Design // Denmark

2017 // Boiler R00m // Project room Vera // Denmark 

2017 // Summer Exhibition // Vera school of Art and Design // Denmark


2021 -2023 Master OF Fine Arts // Bergen Academy of Art and Design

2017 - 2020 Bachelor Of Fine Arts // Bergen Academy of Art and Design

2017 Vera School of Art and Design

2016 Education in funiture carpeting

2012-2015 Assistent for Henrik Vibskov


2023 - Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere

2022 - Toyota Fonden // Værkproduktion & udstillingsstøtte

2022 - Grosserer L.F. Foghts fond // værkproduktion & udstillingsstøtte


2020 - Gyldenpris Kunsthall 1:1 Pt 1 Publication

2019 -  AF·ART Magazine

Artist statement 

My body of work is composed as personal accounts of hushed landscapes of sculptures, text and sound. The works are primarily created using organic materials. I approach materials and their story based on my own experiences and try to make the stories merge. I strive to bring out the embedded narratives of the materials.

In my work there is an essential longing after reconnecting with nature, and especially the ocean, as it forms a special place of inspiration to me. I reflect on the movement of the waves, as it draws on this animating source as a thematic starting point. A recurring theme is how the ocean simultaneously merges the accounts of the past and future by adding and eroding the land – how the ocean elevates, transforms and regulates the materials.

I follow traces and experience what the embedded narratives of the materials represent as they are transformed. In order to do so, I attempt to create the final work so it internalises the coherence between the given material and its place of origin.

These investigations of how and why materials belong to certain geographic sites additionally reflects my own experiences of belonging to a given place, person or kinfolk. my work becomes declarations of family – both given and acquired.

A large part of my practice is based on an interaction with nature as a channel that opens up for a sensibility that I use as work generating. Other parts of my process are carried by physically tiring work. I believe an energy transfer from mine to the work is possible through physical presence.

These concepts of coherence between the used materials, nature and interpersonal relations  is important to me and can be uncovered throughout my artistic practice, as I try to articulate a strong personal take on natural materials found mainly in Northern Scandinavia.

I try to create a place for physical and emotional presence. To find an affective force in the works. An emotional monumentality.

I aim to create atmospheres of unstoppable movement and various Mutual relationships – new and lasting, present and forgotten.

Erik Hjorth
phone (+45) 31 67 68 65
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rkhjrth/